Brain Nutriënts BV is a Dutch company and was founded in 2014 following the results of  a research project “biomarkers for burnout and depression” This prject wthat Brainlabs BV carried out with economic subsidy. It was a 5-year scientific project with, among others, the University of Groningen & Wageningen and the Academic Medical Center Groningen. The most important biomarkers in the successful panel reflected a number of biological processes that are out of balance. This showed the importance of good nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation with the right supplements for the recovery of energy and (mental) health.
Brain Nutrients BV offers its own high-quality nutritional supplements that fit within a unique total concept in the field of (mental) health in the “Opti” product line (optimal vitality).

To making these nutritional supplementation available to everyone at the lowest possible price is our starting point. The webshop is run on the basis of ‘profit for you’. This means that any profit will be spent on further scientific research in order to be able to develop more and better nutritional supplements that benefit many people and are available to everyone. This follow-up scientific research takes place in the Brainlabs Foundation. For more information see website

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